Airline Ambassadors and For Haiti with Love are our two non-profit partners who have the experience on the ground in Haiti to ensure that our donations reach the people in need. 

Airline Ambassadors International

About Airline Ambassadors:

Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization affiliated with the United Nations and recognized by the United States Congress. It began as a network of airline employees using their pass privileges to help others and has expanded into a network of students, medical professionals, families and retirees who volunteer as “Ambassadors of Goodwill” in their home communities and abroad. The organziation provides a way for members to share their unique skills and talents to care for others and bring compassion into action.

AAI provides humanitarian aid to children and families in need as well as relief and development to under-privileged communities worldwide. They escort children in need, hand-deliver humanitarian aid to orphanages, clinics, and remote communities, raise public awareness and involve youth in humanitarian efforts around the world.

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About For Haiti with Love

For Haiti with Love was founded was founded by Don DeHart on his first trip in the winter of 1968 and is needed as much, if not more, today. They work in the northern part of Haiti, an area which has been mostly ignored by other aid organizations. Their base is in the city of Cap-Haitien, not far from the port of Labadee.   Many of the Haitian people who lived in Port-au-Prince, affected by the earthquake have migrated north to this region, while most of the foreign aid resources have gone toward Port-au-Prince.   For Haiti with Love is one of the few groups established in the northern region where the need is continuously growing.

For Haiti with Love operates an orphanage for 30 girls, a food program for locals and refugees from Port-au-Prince, and a free 24-hour emergency medical clinic specializing in burns. As funding permits, the organization also builds houses for the homeless.


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