A Tweet from Carrie Finley-Bajak started Cruise4Haiti.  Carrie, a travel blogger (Cruise Buzz) and co-owner of Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo, had the idea for the online travel community to come together on a single project to assist the people of Haiti.  Carrie reached out to some of her online friends via her Twitter account to make her idea a reality.

One of those friends who responded to Carrie’s call to action was Nancy Schretter. Nancy is founder of the Family Travel Network and Together for Good and @kidtravel on Twitter. Together for Good is non-profit organization created to promote giving back as part of the travel experience and to help traveling individuals make a difference in the lives of others. Nancy is leading the way in raising awareness and increasing the adoption of Voluntourism in the cruise industry.

Another person that responded was Rich Tucker, Social Media Manager for Travel Leaders and CruiseSource.us blogger was working with Nancy on planning a future Together for Good Cruise. Rich won the 2009 Shorty Award for providing the best Travel Content on Twitter with his @CruiseSource Twitter account.

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